Our Story

Fresh & Simple

  • Tacos, Burritos, and Bowls was a concept powered by Saddleback BBQ. We shared Saddleback's existing commercial kitchens. Since the success of this menu, we've decided to place it on Saddleback's permanent menu! 

Order from Saddleback now! 

  • We utilize Saddleback's smoked meats for all of our proteins, while sourcing fresh ingredients to compose the rest of the food. A fresh way to enjoy barbecue food. 

  • We are open at both of Saddleback's existing locations in Okemos and REO Town.


  • Okemos: Monday-Saturday 11am-7pm

  • Sunday 11am-7pm

  • REO: Monday-Sunday 11am-7pm

You can use our online ordering to place a delivery order or curbside pickup.