High-Quality Food, No Frills, Crazy Prices

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What We Believe In

High Quality Food, No Frills, Crazy Prices

  • High-Quality Food - A fresh perspective on popular dishes. We believe high quality, fresh, ingredients are the key to any great meal. We slow cook all of our meats and mix them with fresh ingredients. Instead of masking flavor, we want to expose it.

  • No Frills - Our Tacos, Burritos, and Bowls come with just the essentials, nothing extra, nothing customized. This allows us to have Crazy Prices

  • Crazy Prices - This is the driving force in our restaurant's decision making. We want crazy prices and food served rapidly. Having no-frills (customization) allows us to do this.


1754 Central Park Dr. Okemos, Michigan
1147 S. Washington Ave, Lansing, MI 48910


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Pull-up, Roll Out

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Opening Hours

Delivery & Curbside Pickup.


Monday - Saturday: 11am - 9pm

Sunday: 11am - 7pm


Monday - Sunday: 11am - 7pm